All About Me


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Sat/Sun
Books Preschooler: My book about me (Dr Seuss & Roy McKie)

Toddler: I like myself (Karen Beaumont)

My five senses (Aliki) Preschooler: The way I feel (Janan Cain)

Toddler: Toes, Ears and nose (Marion Bauer)

My Hands (Aliki)

My Feet (Aliki)

Folk/Country Soft/Classical Latin/Foreign Blues/Jazz
Language Toddler: Learn to say their names


Preschooler: Learn to spell their names If you happy and you know it Open, Shut them
Count with your fingers and toes

Preschooler: count in Spanish

Paper plate self-potrait

The sound game

The sense game

The visual game

Preschooler: Take a walk in your backyard or neighborhood park and play “I spy” using your senses tracing your hands and feet with crayons
Vietnamese Immersion name body parts in Vietnamese
Group Play
What I want to be for Halloween

The sound game: play different sounds for your kids to listen using Montessori shaker set or make your own with bottles and rice, beans or pastas.
The sense game: let your kids smell different spices (vanilla, cinnamon, citrus, pumpkin spice, ngũ vị hương, hồi, quế, đinh hương …) one at a time, best in solid or liquid soak in cotton balls, powder form can cause sneezing, smell coffee to clear nose after each.
The visual game: learn about colors

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